Lazybones at The Crofters Rights, Bristol – 15/02/2019

From left to right: Sam Barnes (drums), Candi Underwood (vocals & organ), Joe Tighe (bass)
Photo courtesy of Thomas Coe Lisle-Brooker

Lazybones is a beautifully unusual band. They look ever so sunny, dressing from head-to-toe in yellow, yet blare out songs about serial killers and ‘snakes’. Their lead singer, Candi Underwood, plays melodies on a Hammond organ that could soundtrack an ’80s Tim Burton film, yet her vocal hooks have a pop-like appeal. It’s no wonder that after being together for fewer than eighteen months, the band has been noticed by the likes of BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, BBC Radio 1 Hype Chart, Kerrang!, Planet Rock, BBC Introducing, Radio X, Amazing Radio, Upset Magazine, and more. On the night of their debut EP Bang! Bang!‘s release, Lazybones delighted their audience with a nine-song set of brash, relentless, and catchy rock at The Crofters Rights.

The band opened their set with the thunderous ‘Fashion Victim’, an unapologetic song about THOSE people that vex so many of us (y’know, the ones who wear band t-shirts despite not knowing a single one of their songs…). Underwood’s spooky and violent organ was a refreshing change from the typical distorted guitars of most alternative rock. Her signature gritty, feline wails were superb from the start. What better way to open a set than by calling out the poseurs (in a gloriously English accent) with ‘You wear your Metallica tee, but where’s your ‘Kill ‘Em All’ CD?’?

Lazybones‘s next song in their setlist, ‘Zombie’ felt like it was dragging its audience along a path of destruction. The mood flung back and forth from sultry and sleazy to haunted and manic. Sam Barnes’s drumming here neatly shifted from a groovy four-on-the-floor feel in the verses to super aggressive and crashing in the chorus. Bassist Joe Tighe’s fuzzed-out bass took the lead in ‘Trash’, propelling the song with a riff that got the audience dancing and moshing along. Underwood continued to be a captivating force on stage, singing her lungs out whilst pulling an abundance of facial expressions. Her interaction with the audience between songs was welcoming and friendly, with a notably amusing moment being before ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ as she announced, ‘This song’s about our favourite thing in world: serial killers!’

The crowd stayed entertained throughout the whole set. Everyone I could see in the room had a smile on their face as they threw themselves around to the music. Underwood joined in too, charmingly dancing behind her organ in the way you might when you’re alone in your room and your favourite song comes on. 8/10

© Emily Engleheart

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