Review: IdleGod at The Fleece, Bristol – 27/02/2019

Enter George Edwards, who writes and performs under the name of IdleGod. His blend of influences, from My Bloody Valentine to John Frusciante and Deftones, manifests itself as a moody, bittersweet type of alternative pop rock.

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IOTA at The Crofters Rights, Bristol – 19/01/19

As some of us will know, ‘iota’ is basically a fancy word for ‘something very small’. It’s not a word we use or hear often. In days gone by, if I ever heard ‘iota’ uttered, for some reason, I would be whisked away into a Richard Curtis-style fantasy film set with Hugh Grant or another floppy-haired hero rambling on at me about his failing love life: ‘…I can’t seem to make an IOTA of a difference in this ghastly situation. She’s marrying that awful American sod…’. Or something like that.

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The Undercover Groupie? Who’s that?

Hey! I’m Emily Engleheart, a.k.a. The Undercover Groupie: music lover, blogger and wannabe guitarist extraordinaire! I’m also NOT really a groupie (sorry to be frightfully dull). Any of you who have seen the wonderful film Almost Famous will understand why I was firmly put off that line of work… Anyway, welcome! Here, I’ll be posting reviews […]

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