Single Review: Kite Thief – ‘Pinky Promise’

Kite Thief: Elin Allan (vox), Max Harris (guitar), Zac Lever (drums), Josh Bailey (guitar), Henry Stone (bass)

Kite Thief is a band that proves ’emo’ music doesn’t have to be naff. They’re a bit pop-punk, a bit thrashy, and a bit prog: a blend of genres that can be very unforgiving if you don’t get it quite right. Luckily for Kite Thief, though, they have managed to pull this off, and not just by the skin of their teeth.

If you’ve been to any of their gigs, you’ll know this. They have only been gigging since January, but the sheer poise and finesse of their performance sets them apart from most bands at this level. Everything is just so well executed, from the bandmembers’ playing to the edgy yet commercially viable songwriting. You could plonk them on a stage opening for a band like Bring Me The Horizon and nobody would bat an eyelid.

Pinky Promise is, therefore, unsurprisingly great. The song is neatly constructed to combine a sense of foreboding with traditional pop appeal. The verses are menacing and raunchy: a stonking riff matches Elin Allan’s strong, elegant vocal lines. There’s a proper groove from the rhythm section, too. What makes Pinky Promise so memorable, though, is its catchy, singable chorus with a hook that really could make this song a hit if it falls into the right hands. We’ll have to see.

© Emily Engleheart

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